The Beauty of Sleep

“Oh sleep! it is a gentle thing, beloved from pole to pole.” ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge The undeniable value of sleep has led to a recent expansion of the body of science around sleep. New understandings of sleep may be pleasantly surprising and a welcome relief to those feeling pressured to adopt the mythical ‘early …

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Simple Ways to Make Sure You Feel Your Best This Summer

Inflammation is the root of many health conditions including and not limited to heart disease and arthritis. Finding ways to reduce inflammation during summertime is particularly important since hotter temperatures make chronic inflammation symptoms worse. Here are three ways to reduce inflammation and get to feeling your best. 1. Lower sugar intake There are two main …

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Coffee or Tea?

Coffee and tea are the most often-consumed beverages. People socialize over coffee and tea and for others, it is a necessity to help them get through the day. Not only does it provide comfort, it also provides health benefits. Coffee and tea have long been recognized for their beneficial properties, which largely come from caffeine …

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