February 16th: The HUB

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2021 is underway and we hope that you all are finding some balance in life. Balance between a healthy diet and a little splurge now and then. Balance between working from home and staying active. Balance between time with the kids and time for yourself. Finding these balances in life aren’t always easy, but they are necessary. Try to allow yourself to find that place where mind and body truly come together, where you can feel peace, strength, and hope for what’s to come.



Many of us hear the term “vegan”, and instantly think “not good.” That is simply not true. Of course we all have different taste buds, but we have done our practical research on Vegan food only to find that it is both delicious and not as difficult to create as you might think. We found this recipe and love the ingredients used. It creates a delectable dessert that can be served any day of the year. You don’t have to be “a vegan” to make this tasty treat, but if you are…we hope you enjoy this recipe.


Vegan Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe


Kennedy Club Fitness Compression Chair
We workout hard and often forget to allow our bodies to recover afterwards. Time to recover is essential for each and every one of us. The K Zone Recovery Center is offered at all four of our club locations for only $19/month added to your membership. Each club offers a different variety of recovery modalities, from Hydro Massage, Cocoon Wellness Pod, to Infrared Thermal Detox Therapy. Contact your home club to get this added to your membership ASAP.



A body weight squat is a great exercise to work your lower body. Keeping your legs toned and strong is essential for daily living…walking, running, skipping with your kiddos, sitting, standing…the list goes on and on. Check your form now and then in a mirror to make sure you are performing this exercise correctly and safely.


1) When performing a squat, let your body weight shift back into your heels as you sit your hips back.
2) Keep your knees as far back behind your toes as possible.
3) Keep your chest up and back held in neutral position.
4)Prevent yourself collapsing forward as you perform a squat…remember…CHEST UP. Don’t look at your feet as you squat.
5) Make sure your toes, knees, and hips are all in line at the top of the movement.
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