October 21, 2020: THE HUB


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Happy October!

This month marks the start of holiday time. This month we will begin to see Fall decorations, the smell of cinnamon pinecones in the stores, and front porches covered in pumpkins. Throw in some yummy recipes, tips for a healthy lifestyle, and daily activity…and you’ve got yourself a nice little season ahead. Enjoy!

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“Cutie” Halloween Pumpkins

Kennedy Club Fitness Oranges

How cute are these little “cutie” pumpkins? Simple, sweet, healthy, and totally snackable for kids and adults alike. Just peel and add cut up celery sticks to the center for the stem. Serve with other fruits, a veggie tray, cheese and crackers, or nuts. Your snack table will be the hit of any little gathering.

Halloween is typically a time for way too many sugary sweets, but we can give ourselves and our guests some healthier options by offering snacks like this. Happy Halloween!


Tis the Season for Dry Skin…Protect Against the Discomfort

Kennedy Club Fitness Skin

With the turn of the season and Fall upon us, many of us start to feel and see the effects of the weather on our skin. Dry skin can be everything from annoying, painful, and at times, embarrassing. We often focus so much on physical activity and diet alone, that we neglect taking care of our skin. This season, don’t let that be the case. Take the time to educate yourself and work on caring for your skin from the start.

Tips on Avoiding and Treating Dry Skin: Click Here


Exercise of the Month

Dumbbell Deadlift

Kennedy Club Fitness Deadlift

The dumbbell deadlift is a great exercise to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings. With enough weight and precision, keep the weights close to your body. You will even feel it in your shoulders and traps when done properly. Using dumbbells rather than a barbell will help activate the stabilizing muscles throughout your core musculature. Try incorporating the dumbbell deadlift into your exercise routine this month to see how you feel and how your body reacts.

How to:

*Stand on the flat ground with feet about hip width apart

*Having one dumbbell in each hand, slowly tip at the hip keeping your legs fairly straight with a slight bend in the knee

*Your goal is to tip forward until you feel the hamstring activate, right where the glute and thigh meet

*Keep the weights as close to your body as possible on your way down and on the way back up

*Squeeze the glutes at the top of the rep and repeat.

*Try 3 sets of 10 reps each to start. Increase the weight as needed

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