Children in the Kidz Club with a staff member


At Kennedy Club Fitness we provide a fun, safe, and stimulating environment for children while you work out! Our friendly, caring staff will keep your children busy – learning and having fun with tons of play areas, books, and games. Check your Club for more details:

California State Law requires that only parents or legal guardians of minor children may sign waivers and leave their children at Kidz Club. Any questions, please let our Kidz Club Director know. Other guidelines relating to Kidz Club are below. Thank you!


  • Please make reservations to secure your spot in Kidz Club and to ensure proper staffing.
  • UNLIMITED Monthly EFT Plans are available as well as Multi punch passes and single day options.
  • Kidz Club is available for infants and children up to 10 years of age.
  • Please provide necessary diapers, pull-ups, & wipes and clearly label all bags, bottles, & pacifiers. Staff will do their best to ensure that diapers are changed as needed. If your child has special needs we would appreciate your assistance with communicating any special instructions.
  • Shirts and shoes are required for all children who are able to walk. Please ensure if your child is participating in a KCF activity, (i.e. Swim lesson) upon return to Kidz Club they are dressed accordingly.
  • Please provide a snack for your child. The following items are NOT allowed: peanuts, peanut butter, gum, hard candy, popcorn and chocolate. Grapes and cherries are OK as long as they are pitted and/or cut in half.
  • Parent/Guardian must remain on the premises while the child is in our care. Children will not be released to anyone other than their parent/guardian.
  • Dangerous toys such as balloons, guns, sharp objects, or small toys are not allowed.
  • Parents will be asked to pick up their children who cannot be calmed or who are disruptive.
  • All Children must be in good health to be accepted in to Kidz Club. Do not bring your child if they have had a fever or diarrhea within a 24 hour period. We reserve the right to turn away a child that we feel may be contagious. If your child has missed school due to illness, they are also too ill to be in Kidz Club.
  • Make sure to sign our Kidz Club waiver before you leave your child in our care.
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