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Ahhhhhh November…the time when sweaters and boots are pulled out of the closet, online shopping is at an ultimate high, and unfortunately for some of us, our workout routines become an afterthought. We all know how important it is to keep up on our physical as well as mental health, especially after the last several months. We encourage you all to stay active, surround yourself with people and things you love, and find the joy in every day.

Happy November!

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Naturally Sweetened Cranberry Sauce

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Raise your hand if you love cranberry sauce? Now…if you didn’t raise your hand, perhaps it’s because you haven’t had the real good stuff yet. There’s the can of the gelatin like stuff we started buying back in the 50’s (hello high fructose corn syrup, yikes), there’s the recipes made with about 1 cup of white sugar, and then there’s this. Now THIS…this is the stuff you’re gonna want to try. A few simple ingredients. Quick and easy to make. Beautiful addition to the Thanksgiving table. Don’t let your holiday dinner go by without making this sweet gem of a side dish.

Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipe: Click Here


National Stress Awareness Day is November 6th

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National Stress Awareness Day aims to identify and reduce the stress factors in your life. Everyone has stress. Some stress is good for us and helps us to respond to changes in life. It is our body’s way of protecting itself from harm. However, too much of it can cause harm to our health and relationships.

It is important to identify the stressors impacting our physical and mental health. Sometimes health problems are the cause. But our health can also be affected by external stressors such as physical abuse, stressful work environments, financial stress, or other family health issues.

Once we identify the causes of stress in our lives we can begin to eliminate or reduce it. Read on in the article below for some tools that can help eliminate and deal with the stress in our lives.

National Stress Awareness Info : Click Here


Exercise of the Month

Bicycle Crunch

Kennedy Club Fitness Bicycle Crunch








Bicycle crunches are an effective ab exercise that not only works your main abdominal muscles, but also your lower abs and your obliques, which run down the side of your abdominals. A strong core will help you with maintaining good posture and performing well at your daily tasks. It is also a key component of good performance in sports and physical activities. Doing a variety of ab and core exercises ensures you are engaging your muscles in different ways.

How to:

  1. Lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground and knees bent. Your feet should be on the floor and your hands are behind your head.
  2. Contract your core muscles, drawing in your abdomen to stabilize your spine.
  3. With your hands gently holding your head, pull your shoulder blades back and slowly raise your knees to about a 90-degree angle, lifting your feet from the floor.
  4. Exhale and slowly, at first, go through a bicycle pedal motion, bringing one knee up towards your armpit while straightening the other leg, keeping both elevated higher than your hips.
  5. Rotate your torso so you can touch your elbow to the opposite knee as it comes up.
  6. Alternate to twist to the other side while drawing that knee towards your armpit and the other leg extended until your elbow touches the alternate knee.
  7. Aim for 12 to 20 repetitions and three sets.
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