November 20th: Standing Strong For Our Community

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Standing Strong for our Community


So here we are Central Coast…back to the purple tier with our county in regards to Covid-19. As a business, we here at KCF will continue to operate as we have been over the last several months…safe, clean, and supporting our members by providing a place of health, wellness, and exercise. 


We consider Kennedy Club Fitness to be an essential business, and we hope you all can agree. We are not only here for your physical health, but mental health as well. In a world where certain things (like changes in career, loss of a loved one, anxiety, and simply the emotions that the holiday season can bring to many of us) don’t stop…we can’t stop either. 


We are here for you…on happy days…hard days…real days. For the last 40 years, we have been here for our community. To help strengthen mind and body, to help as an outlet to life’s everyday stressors, and to build our immune systems…so that one day…we’d be ready to STAND STRONG for our community. 


Thank you for standing strong with us, 


Your Kennedy Club Fitness Team

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