Year: 2019

Kennedy Club Fitness Collects Hundreds of Easter Baskets for Local Kids

Members of Kennedy Club Fitness Arroyo Grande have generously donated time and money over the past couple of years to provide over 5,000 Easter Baskets for our county’s disadvantaged youth. Says Joy Danley, personal trainer for Kennedy Club Fitness and event organizer, “Every year I am overwhelmed with our member’s response. This year we collected …

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Food and Mood

We often associate what we eat with our emotions and mood but has a connection been found between what we eat and the influence this has on our mental health? Can changing our diets then improve our mental wellbeing?   The scientific research proves to be inconclusive, however, there appears to be a link in …

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During the colder winter months, many people struggle to drink as much water as they do during the summer. However, ensuring that we consume enough fluids is just as important when it is cold as when it is warm out. Staying hydrated is essential for our survival but there are also many added health benefits …

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Our liver is one of our biggest and most important organs. It works around the clock to remove toxins from our blood and to detoxify all the substances that we ingest daily, such as food, drinks and medication. It also detoxifies the natural substances that we manufacture like our hormones to make them safe for …

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