Doris Sloan

     I am an 82+ year old Grandma not willing to sit in the rocking chair all day.      With Thanks to the guidance and efforts of Personal Trainer Deana Storms and access to Kennedy Fitness equipment, I am endeavoring to improve my posture, core strength, balance, and overall health to enjoy all that life has to offer.      I practiced as a dental hygienist for 40 years. The first 26 years were spent standing beside the dental chair with one foot operating the rheostat control and the other foot supporting my body weight while I leaned against the dental chair for support to enable me to bend over for a better view of the entire mouth structure.

Trixie Rabb

test  I joined KCF in 2005, I was 50 years old & tipping the scales at 350lbs. I was having a lot of problems with breathing & walking as well as the usual high blood pressure & cholesterol. I was a mess. In the past 6 years I have lost a lot of weight, lowered my blood pressure & cholesterol and I feel great! I owe it all to KCF and the remarkable staff & professional trainers & fitness instructors. 


Stacy Fountain

WOW...what has Kennedy Fitness done for me??? Where do I begin??? When I Started on my weight loss journey all I could do is walk & that was hard. At 305lbs I had high blood pressure, bad feet & back, & I was tired all the time. After losing 70lbs I decided I needed “a professional” if I had any chance of getting the body I wanted...so where did I go??


Scott Brennan

I joined Kennedy almost year ago with the goal of getting in shape and looking great. Before I started I was 280 lbs at 6’-2” with a 40-inch waist. With a goal of losing 1-2 lbs a week I’ve lost 75 lbs. I’m got down to 205 lbs and a 33”-inch waist. My first fitness goal was to run a 5k, then a triathlon. In less than a year, I’ve done 12 races. I’m proudest of completing my first Olympic triathlon in the time of 2:50 last month.


Ryan Blessing

Kennedy Club Fitness has not only inspired me to lose a 100lbs but to make fitness a part of my life, and now as a personal trainer I get to share my love of fitness with others. The amazing staff has not only been there to help me achieve my goals physically but mentally become a much stronger person. The sense of community and friendship within the club is something i find to be extremely helpful in achieving ones goals. 


Mike Hendricks

After being overweight and inactive for most of my life, a friend recommended that I try working with a personal trainer. The entire staff at Kennedy Club Fitness has been helpful and friendly since the first time I walked through the door.  


Katie Paris

When I first started training with Tayler I never imagined my life changing the way it did. When I first stated working out with Tayler I tipped the scale at 209 pounds. I’ve never been more disappointed or ashamed with myself more then that day I stepped onto that sale. Tayler quickly assured me she would get me to my fitness goals, and she did. Tayler helped me get down to my lowest weight of 169 pounds. She told me it would take a lot of work and dedication but she believed in me, and gave me the determination I needed to over come my battle with weight loss. 


Heather Carter

I never EVER would have believed that driving to exercise at a fitness club would be a part of my life during my 50's. I thought, "I am too old to jump around in a class." I was proven wrong after I passed by folks in their 70's. Kennedy Club Fitness is a joyful and well-planned fitness community for all ages, all body types and all limiting beliefs. 



Gene Gomez

Before moving to the Central Coast four years ago, he had reached a peak weight of 525 pounds. Through regular exercise and monitoring his diet, the Kennedy Club Fitness front-desk clerk has lost more than 300 pounds and now weighs 210. He recently completed the San Luis Obispo Triathlon in 2 hours, 16 minutes and 3 seconds. The event included a 15-mile bike ride, three-mile run and half-mile swim. Now much lighter on his feet, Gomez says he‟s a happier, more energetic person. “There‟s no real secret to it,” Gomez said. “I exercise daily and watch what I eat.” 


Erika Poppen

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I have never been one to enjoy "working out!" When my husband and I moved to Paso 13 years ago I suffered from some depression, and in order to address the depression...I would eat!! Needless to say...I gained a lot of weight. UUGGHH!! He signed me up with a personal trainer (at a different club) and I hated every minute of it and eventually hurt my back.