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Paso Robles
Personal & Specialty Fitness Training Programs

Your membership includes supervised fitness orientation sessions with a certified trainer. These appointments are designed to help you get acquainted with our strength-training and cardiovascular equipment and to develop a comprehensive and safe fitness program.  After completing your fitness orientation sessions, you will understand the principles behind our efficient and effective strength-training circuit, the basic principles of aerobic exercise and have a better understanding of what it takes to reach your specific fitness goals.  You will be exercising moderately during these sessions, so please come comfortably dressed in loose fitting clothes and closed-toe athletic shoes.

Many of our members need further assistance beyond the fitness orientation sessions. Studies show that the ongoing utilization of a personal trainer can substantially increase your success. You may need the accountability of having a scheduled appointment to exercise regularly, or you are recovering from an injury, surgery or illness. You might just want a few sessions to learn something new. Our certified Personal Trainers are here to help you, whatever your need.

Your Certified Personal Trainer Will …
·        Design a unique and effective exercise program based upon your needs, goals, schedule and health history.
·        Take you step-by-step through each exercise, paying close attention to form and motivating you to work
         at your personal best.
·        Act as your personal coach, providing you with the incentive to get to the club on a regular basis; often
         one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome.

Personal Training options include:
·        ½ Hour Sessions
·        One Hour Sessions
·        Partner Training (2 people)
·        Small Group Training (3-5 people)

Also Available:
·        Body Fat Testing and Full Body Fitness and Health Assessment

EXCLUSIVE to KCF-Paso Robles:
Kennedy Cross is a full body strength and conditioning program. Our workouts are designed to be motivating and give you results faster than traditional workout programs by using functional exercises, which train you for everyday life, done at a challenging intensity- but can be scaled to any age or fitness level. The workout environment is fun, supportive and welcoming to all who are willing to commit!

FIRST CLASS IS FREE!  CLICK HERE for the  Kennedy Cross Schedule! 

Pilates Reformer Individual and Small Group Training: Interested in weightloss and a long, lean appearance?
Pilates increases energy, improves posture and develops core strength and flexibility.

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For more information on any of these personal training options, contact Karisha Dearing, Fitness Director at 239-8488 Ext 23 or