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Jennifer Parham, Aquatics Director


FAMILY SWIMMembers are FREE!!  Guests with members $5


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Kennedy Club Fitness Atascadero Swim School has swimming programs to suit everyone. Our instructors teach swimming and safety skills that bring a high level of water confidence.

We offer private (1:1) and semi-private (2:1) lessons to ensure you and/or your child receives quality instruction. Lessons are 30 minutes long and are available year-round in both our indoor or outdoor pools. In addition to our private and semi-private lessons, we offer swim camps during spring through summer that will enhance your child’s swimming lessons through a mix of instruction and play.

To register yourself, your children or your grandchildren, please call 805-466-6775 or stop by the Pool Tower at Kennedy Club Fitness in Atascadero. Let us know what days and times you are available for lessons and we will help you choose the right instructor to meet your needs.

Private Lessons:
  5        Lessons            $110                            $124
10        Lessons            $208 (save $12)            $234 (save $14)
20        Lessons            $390 (save $50)            $445 (save $51)
30        Lessons            $550 (save $110)          $599 (save $145)
Yearly Subscription        $890 (save $254)          $989 (save $300)

Yearly Subscription is 1 lesson/week for 52 weeks. If you need to miss a week, simply schedule 2 lessons for a different week to make up your appointment. Always call the instructor at least 24 hours in advance to change your appointment.

Semi-Private Lessons (Price is per child)
  5       Lessons            $  65                          $  72
10       Lessons            $126 (save $4)            $140 (save $4)
20       Lessons            $240 (save $20)          $270 (save $18)
30       Lessons            $345 (save $45)          $390 (save $42)
Yearly Subscription       $530 (save $146)        $610 (save $138)

Yearly Subscription is 1 lesson/week for 52 weeks. If you need to miss a week, simply schedule 2 lessons for a different week to make up your appointment. Always call the instructor at least 24 hours in advance to change your appointment.

*This package is available for families only, due to the common problem of scheduling conflicts between different families with busy schedules.


The Organized Group Swim is a fun way to get your workout done with new friends! Workouts are provided so you can work out with other members. This is a wonderful program for anyone considering doing triathlons or competitive swimming. We always encourage new swimmers who aren’t so competitive!  This is a free class for our members.

Workshops, clinics, and lessons are available at Kennedy Club Fitness in Atascadero. Lessons are taught by certified Total Immersion Coach Jennifer Parham.

Jennifer has been coaching swimming since 1990 and has been incorporating T.I. philosophies since 2005, becoming a certified T.I. coach in 2010. She incorporates underwater video analysis and underwater mirrors to help you learn quickly and efficiently. Visit for more information on T.I. philosophy. Questions? Call Coach Jennifer Parham at 805-466-6775 x33 or email

Visit for swimming tips to use today!

Come for a day filled with a teaching style meant for women who are a bit nervous about learning how to swim. Most women tell me they become nervous when thinking about taking a swimming class, so I created this class just for women who feel this way. Laugh, learn, and make new friends while treating yourself to a 5-hour workshop. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be in shape, have the perfect body and you don’t need to know how to swim!

2-day workshops, 8:30am-4:00pm both days. An incredible experience. For most people, this is the fastest and most efficient way to learn. Results are immediate and noticeable. You will leave the workshop with new friends and a new love for swimming! Students of T.I. Weekend Workshops should be able to swim 25 yards continuously. If you are a true beginner to swimming you should consider the All-Women’s Workshop or private lessons before attending a Weekend Workshop.

For students who have already attended either a Weekend Workshop or T.I. lessons in the past 2 years. We enhance your freestyle, working on balance, streamline and propulsion for an even faster stroke. We learn to incorporate Tempo Trainers into your pool or open-water sessions. 3-hour workshops available.

2-hour group clinics focus one just one aspect of your stroke such as streamline, efficient breathing, 2-beat kick, open-water techniques, etc... Keep your eye out for our current calendar.

Private & Semi-Private Lessons - Lessons are 1 hour long unless noted otherwise
Private            1.5 hr. Lesson $125              5 Lessons $295            10 Lessons $550
Semi-Private    1.5 hr.  Lesson $90               5 Lessons $225            10 Lessons $395
   (price per student)

Private and Semi-private (2-3 students) 1-hour lessons with Coach Jennifer are a great choice for those with limited availability. Coach Jennifer teaches in the moment, giving each student what they need to attain their best balance, streamline and propulsion for the most fluid and efficient freestyle. Private and semi-private lessons are available for all ability levels for ages 8-100.


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PARENT & ME:   For the first time swimmer, we offer a water exploration class which includes safe water entry, water adjustment, bubble blowing, supported front and back floats, supported kicking, and alternating arm movements.  Non-swimming children of all ages are welcome with an accompanying adult.

7-SPORT CAMP: Soccer, Basketball, Court Sports, Boot Camp, Swimming, Diving & Water Polo all in one camp. Ages 7-12.

JR. LIFEGUARD  CAMP: Leadership, CPR, first aid, water safety & lifeguard skills are learned through fun games & skill sessions. Ages 8-15. 10AM-12PM.

JR. INSTRUCTOR PROGRAM: Learn how to teach children how to swim and have the opportunity to volunteer assisting in our camps and lessons. Program includes a free summer membership! Ages 11-15.

POLLYWOGS:  A week of fun and learning! We are combining swim lessons with play!  We will be using our giant inflatable toys and more to help your little one enjoy learning to swim! Ages 4-6.

SPLASH ZONE:  Your day will be filled with all the water play you can imagine…inner tube water polo, tons of inflatable toys, hot tub and diving! Ages 6-12. Children must be water safe to attend this camp.

SMART SWIMMING:   This modern course focuses on teaching quality freestyle. We focus on balance, efficiency and form enabling your child to graduate with a beautiful stroke. Side breathing is integrated into the learning process. *To enroll, children must be at least 6 years old and be able to float on their back for 10 seconds. You should test your child’s ability before registering.

STROKES SCHOOL:  This modern course focuses on teaching quality freestyle and backstroke and an introduction to butterfly and breaststroke. We focus on balance, efficiency and form enabling your child to graduate with a beautiful stroke. To enroll, children must be able to float on their back for 10 seconds. Swim test required.

WATER POLO:   We have a fun, supportive, and positive environment where players of all levels can improve their skills and enjoy friendly competition. Ages 8-15 are welcome. Players must be able to swim 25 meters.

New!!! SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING:  Learn an Olympic sport and bond with friends! More than dance...Synchro provides strength training and swimming skill refinement. Students will learn to swim in unison to choreographed music while having fun! Basic freestyle and backstroke required.


AQUA WORK-OUTS: Looking for the latest Aqua Work Out Schedule?  Click here!

POOL PARTIES: We do all the work, you have all the fun! Our Pool Parties include set-up, decorations, pizza, beverages, cupcakes, goodie bags, helium balloons, lifeguards, entry fees, and clean-up. You get to just show up and enjoy yourself! Both the indoor and outdoor pool areas are available.


Our instructors are hand-picked for their ease with children, professionalism and experience. Kennedy Club Fitness Atascadero Swim School instructors are trained here at our facility, focusing on friendly, student-centered lessons with our priorities being to teach our community water safety skills and efficient swimming.

Jennifer Parham
Jennifer is a Certified Total Immersion Swimming Coach with 23 years experience teaching swimming. Coach Jennifer excels at teaching adults who are uncomfortable in the water or who would like to focus on learning an efficient technique so they can swim for longer distances. Total Immersion Swimming is great for triathletes who would like to better their overall race time, while not being overly tired after the swim portion of their race.

Lance Sturgeon
Cal Poly grad and future firefighter, Lance is a great instructor to teach your hesitant child basic water safety and stroke technique. Children learn quickly with Lance due to his playful, kidlike nature. If your child is high-energy, make sure to request Lance as your instructor.

Greg Livengood
Back from school at BYU, Greg is a highly skilled and reliable instructor with eight years experience teaching all levels of swimming. Greg chooses the best methods from his background of teaching with American Red Cross, U Swim, and Swim America to create a streamlined, methodical approach to learning skills.

Kayla Eck
After living in Germany for 8 years where she taught swimming, Kayla is back from Monterey State Univ. Kayla’s sweetness helps children ages 2-5 learn to trust her and enjoy learning to swim.

Hannah Livengood
Hannah is in the running for validictorian at Atascadero H. S. this year! Parents tell us that their children catch on very quickly to their swimming skills and progress quickly when being taught by Hannah.

Nathan MacFarlane
Nathan works with adults and teenagers. He teaches in a very calm, quiet way, leading you to achieve more mastery in each skill. He is very skilled in teaching detailed technique.

Jennifer Weimann
Your little one will feel right at ease with Jennifer. Lots of children have been known to sign up for camps just because Jenn is teaching the camp. Jenn is returning from UCSD for another round of teaching swimming and camps  this summer!

Felisha Imhoff
Felisha has14 years experience teaching swimming using a variety of methods. Being a mother of 3 wonderful children, Felisha focuses on teaching children of our community safety skills.

Annie Mooney
A UCLA student, Annie works really well with shy children, getting the swimmers to test their ability and go beyond what they think they can do. Annie’s sweet demeanor will win you over!

Ian Whittington
If your child is shy and timid, you will want to choose Ian as your swimming instructor. His sweetness will win your child’s heart as they learn how to blow bubbles and float on their back.Ian specializes in babies through age 3.

Luanne Macintyre
Experienced with Special Needs children and adults, Luanne is able to adapt to the needs of different people. She always stays patient and positive. Luanne is a former synchronized swimmer!

Mari Dunsmore
Mari is a school teacher in our county with many years of experience with young children. She works really well with shy children, getting the swimmers to test their ability and go beyond what they think they can do. Mari’s sweet demeanor will win you over!

Henry Defrisco
Henry’s sweet and playful nature will win over the hearts of both timid and energetic children. His lessons are so fun that your child will think they have come for a playdate!

Olivia Andrade & Andi Lorenzo
Olivia and Andi coach the PUMA swim team. They will help your little one gain the skills and confidence needed to join the swim team. Olivia and Andi will give your competitive swimmer an edge over their peers by giving stroke analysis and small corrections that will make big improvements towards fast swimming times.

Megyn Rugh
Families love taking lessons with Megyn so much that they beg her to teach them lessons on the weekends when she returns home from UCLA. She is back in August after a month in Europe, ready to work with your child. She works especially well with shy or quiet children.